Saturday, June 27, 2009

hit and miss and hit

When my husband bought me my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago, I started and excitedly tinkered on it immediately upon reaching the house.

Since the seller at the store already demonstrated to me a few stitches and patterns and how-to's, it was easy for me to find my way around.

I then proceeded to gathering all my materials and tools (the ones that I just have yet) to make one of the projects detailed in one of the sewing books that I have. A pillow case. With patterns. I was able to make the pillowcase in no time at all since it was just a square one, and a small one at that (12" x 12"). I wasn't able to take photo of it but I had fun doing the pillow case. I didn't realize how much mathematics is needed in sewing. You don't just cut and sew, you measure everything before cutting. You even have to find the selvage of the fabric so that you won't go wrong in cutting. It's a not a no-brainer thing. It's skill plus common sense, creativity, focus, and a lot of patience all rolled into one activity. But, since I already set my mind in doing this stuff, I enjoyed it so much that I forgot about how time flew.

My next projects were that of a garterized skirt and a wrap around skirt. Both I must say were a miss. First, the fabric that I chose was too stiff for the kind of skirt that I made. The fabric was not actually meant for a skirt. Second, I forgot to sew the raw edge of the fabric so that when the skirts were done, if you look at the cloth under, there are threads fraying all over... ha ha ha!!!!

Then, finally, I told myself, I have to concentrate, focus, and re read all the sewing books that I have. Slowly, I laid the pattern on the fabric carefully attaching the pins on their proper places and cutting the fabric with the pattern as a guide, precisely. I have this pair of scissors which is only used on fabrics and nothing else.

The finished product???

my first tote-bag. It has linings!!!! and inner pockets too!!!!
i was so happy that I already used it when I joined my line dancing class last week :D

Till my next project... Sew help me God!

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