Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sewing 101

"it runs in the blood." ; "you really are our mom's daughter." ; "like mother, like daughter."

those were just some of the lines my sister told me in a chuckle when i told her that i wanted to learn sewing a few months back. she even feared i might become idle and "bobo" (ignorant) for wanting to learn sewing. i don't know but i guess some people's minds are simply all boxed up. they think that since i used to work in an 8 to 5 environment, i can't possibly just settle with doing things that a non-degree educated person does. or maybe it is just my sister who thinks that way.

my mother is an artist, was a pre-school teacher for quite some time, and knows how to sew to a tee. i remember before, she even sew the gown that my sister wore in sagala. she made it all by herself including the beads. she also made capes for our sto. niƱo. she really has this artistic knack on creating things and putting details to them.

i grew up not really having any hint nor tinge of desire to learn sewing. although, at a very young age, my mother taught me basic hand sewing. i could sew the hem of my school uniform then and would never find any difficulty, not even in inserting the thread on the eye of the needle. it seems like it was second nature to me. but, it never occurred to me before that someday, i would eventually become like my mom in the aspect of sewing.

not until i stopped working and decided to become a full-time housewife. it wasn't really a choice at that time but more of an obligation to my marriage. my husband has to work abroad and since we don't have kids yet, i might as well be with him. so, i gave up my work without really knowing what lies ahead. yeah, it was love. it must be.

the transition wasn't that easy. it took me a lot of phases and stages until i reached the point that i have to make something out of this situation that i am into right now. i cannot just get my hands full of household chores and do nothing but. it wasn't my personality. i was not brought up to become a routine-trained person. i grew up in a very colorful even dramatic family environment and it has grown into me that i would find enjoyment and fulfillment in overcoming challenges. in whatever form they may be.

i tried my hand into so many things. just last year, i learned playing the ukulele, and until now, i am enjoying it a lot. i also tried my hand doing batik painting. it was a hit. i found it very therapeutic for me. i have to put it on hold for now though because the weather here right now is too humid, way beyond being humid actually that i cannot stand having to have myself be surrounded by heat all the time. in batik painting, you have to have a continuously melted wax, which means, a hot pot of wax melting and it's really hot. i would not want to stop doing it though, it's just taking a backseat for now that the weather has not gone back from being way beyond humid, to just being "normal" humid :D

finally, while i was reading the book, "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, early this year, i was inspired to eventually think of something that i can engage myself in which i can be passionate about and will eventually last. that's when sewing came into the picture. i asked myself, what is this thing that really inspires me and would not tire me at all? what is it that i like to have? there were so many questions that led me to one answer. i simply enjoy and never get tired of doing crafty things. i also love to wear clothes which are quite eccentric in their design and sometimes are really not available in the market. so, i told my husband, i want to learn sewing. this time, i want to make it happen, i want to immerse myself into it, i want to have the mastery of it. the problem is, the place where we are now, although there are sprouts of dressmakers and tailors around, there's even a school that teaches dressmaking here, they can't communicate in english. only in their native language, which, apparently, i have not completely embraced nor do i plan to learn by heart. but, i really wanted to learn sewing. for the first time, i wanted to do something no matter what the hindrances may be. there's no stopping me... ha! i scoured the internet and voila! i found books which the reviews were really good for beginners like me. i ordered online. my husband bought me an electric sewing machine. the books came in. the fabrics are bountiful here and they're cheap, it seems like the stars and the universe are all aligned in one direction for this particular endeavor of mine. so there, my sewing hit and miss have started.

my next posts would be more concentrated on the projects that i have finished, the ones i have already started on, and the ones i plan to challenge myself on doing.

let me end my post by saying, Sew help me God. :)

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