Wednesday, July 29, 2009

one down... three more to go...

remember my uke gig bag projects??? it's actually something that makes me feel nervous to start with since i cannot find a pattern that best suits the specifications that my husband wants (demanding!!!), those that i can find in the internet are just but photos and some are much simplified uke gig bags. so practically, this is one project which i have made from scratch. the pattern was drawn by my husband since i am not quite handy in drawing straight lines, muc more, curves of equal proportions (my hubby is good at that)

last monday, i took a break from sewing since we just came from a weekend trip to KK and the ferry trip back here was terrible due to rough seas and the guy who almost killed me (whew!!!). yesterday, i was contemplating on whether to make another pin cushion with a pattern taken from the net or to start with the uke gig bag already. i had to make a decision since it's either i won't start with the uke gig bag or not do it at all for fear that i might make a mess out of it.

i then took the base and front of the uke gig bag with batting and some fabric for the side lining, and bag straps. i also took the invisible zippers which i bought. i then gathered enough courage to start the project.

after 8 hours of cutting, basting, pinnings, a few scratches on my hands from the pins, and a lot of patience....

i made it! still not satisfactory though...
i couldn't find a 2-way zipper so
i just used 2 invisible zippers meeting
halfway at the top of the uke
the top cover and the base of
the bag are both padded :)

the easiest part to do is the strap :D

had i not started it, i would have not known what to do with the next 3 uke gig bags waiting in line ;). sometimes, it really takes courage to make your first step, and by tripping and falling, you will learn how to walk properly and carefully.

i wasn't that satisfied with the results of this uke gig bag since i still have made a few missed stitches and had to re-run them. but by making those little mishaps, i know now what to do with the other gig bags :D

God is sew good!!! All the time!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comics... anyone???

looks like a huge comics, eh?

it is really a comics in huge prints

complete with graphics and narrative
full of vibrant colors and vivid illustrations
what a nice print for a fabric... yes, it's a fabric
a designer fabric which i saw online
and couldn't resist my urge to buy a yard for myself :D
still don't know what project this will best fit
or better yet, if my "hoarder" instinct overrules,
this is going to be one of my "hoards" :D

God is Sew good... all the Time!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Accidental Mini Tote Bag

Since I started learning the art of sewing, I promised myself that, at least for now, I have to come up with one project per week. That way, I can continuously discover mistakes and techniques along the way. I plan to have the mastery of this skill all on my own and it's just but right for me to set deadlines for myself, huh?!?

My sewing supplies for the uke gig bag are still yet to be completed. Hubby and I will go out of the island (yes, we are on an island!) this weekend to buy some stuffs and to complete my sewing supplies (hopefully!). What are left with me right now are quite a number of stashed fabrics, a set of fabrics for the uke gig bag, and another set of fabric for a drawstring pants which I haven't started yet.

I was browsing the internet last night for possible project this week and saw this lovely, yet another patchwork fabric bag from this site. And since I am so in love with patchwork, it gave me an idea of making another patchwork bag but this time, it would be something new for me since it's going to have a lining which is far different from the lining of my patchwork reversible bags, something new to learn for me. Aside from that, I thought that it would be such a nice thing to see for my fabrics to have their own place, at least for now.

So there, I again did my sewing ritual just before lunch and started cutting, sewing, pressing, sewing, .... until, oh my, I realized, something was wrong. I followed the instruction by the dot but still, my gut feel tells me something is wrong with the dimensions. Yes, truly, there was. The instruction asked for a "..2" squares from 3 different kinds of fabrics: 8 pieces for each fabric.." But based on the photos, it was quite bigger than 2". Novice as I am, I still followed the instruction and did not use my common sense at all.

When it was time for me to do the lining as per instruction from the site, there it was confirmed: the dimensions of the patchwork were less than the actual size needed. Instead of wallowing in disappointment and wasting an almost finished "mini" tote bag, I just decided to do alterations with the lining and this is what the supposedly fabric bag turned out to be:
this is yet another patchwork "mini" tote bag

at least next time, I would know how
to make a bigger version of this

and take note, it has a batting within
i'm slowly getting used to sewing fabrics with
batting in between

this won't be put to waste though...
our neighbor who's daughter of about 5 years old
will have her birthday in a few months time...

this would make a perfect birthday gift
for a little girl who has a fancy for little tote bags

till my next project... Thank you God, for being Sew good at all times!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

sewing heals (all wounds????)...

yesterday, i wasn't feeling well. i had stuffy nose, sore throat, watery & itchy eyes, and a tolerable headache (it was tolerable since it wasn't migraine, thank God!)

anyway, after having lunch with hubby who goes home for lunch every friday, i had nothing to do except either to rest since i wasn't feeling well, or to do my sewing. i already started with the uke gig bag for my hubby (my testing piece, actually!), the previous night. i found a way already in sewing the batting within two sheets of fabrics, thanks to my line dancing classmate/tutor in sewing & quilting. since i wasn't really feeling well and might make another mess onto the other piece of the uke bag with the batting, but i still would want to sew, i just took a scrap of fabric and turned it into a pin cushion :)

while doing my sewing stuff, maybe because i was too concentrated over it, my mind was diverted towards it, rather than having that heavy feeling. my nose was still stuffy and my throat was still sore, but, they were set aside, at least all the while that i was finishing the pin cushion. i was even able to get some photos.

my pins... some are sharp, some are dull,
some are shiny, some are rusty,
just like some people... :)
my pin cushion
burst of pins
used to keep all my pins in this box
now, Amaya (my sewing machine's name) has
an accessory to boast of, she now has a pin cushion :)

till my next sewing project... God is Sew Good!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

a pen wrap and another patchwork bag

finally, i was able to put together my thoughts and put them into action. i was in a not so good mood yesterday maybe because of my "monthly visitor." i tried sewing the base of the uke gig bag but i made a mess out of it and had to de-thread them. good thing though, i just basted it so it was easy to remove the threads.

last night though, while watching tv, i started cutting the pieces of stashed fabric that i have for the patchwork bag that i am to make for a dear friend's birthday :) and this morning, i was in a good mood, the weather is fine, i started to make the patchwork bag and since i already made one before, it was just a breeze for me doing another one. it turned out to be much much better and both the inner and outer fabrics fits snugly together which makes it more beautiful.

after i finished doing the patchwork bag, i started making the pen wrap which is also for a friend. i actually tried making one last night but it seems like the stars were not so nice to me so i made a mistake but i did not mess up though ;)

finally, another patchwork bag
i love patchwork, i'm still in the process
though of learning how to quilt

just like my other patchwork bag, this one
is also a reversible bag
this is the pen wrap i was talking about
in my previous posts
look how i messed up with the first pen wrap
it wasn't put to waste though
since i get to use it for my batik brushes
see how the pens snugly fit inside the individual
pockets? how nice, eh?

till my next project... sew help me God :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

something's brewing

i have quite a handful of projects to do,

4 uke gig bags... yes, four! one each for me and my hubby,
the other two are for close friends

these are some of the fabrics i intend to use
for the uke gig bags

a portion of this fabric will be for the pen wrap
which i will also make (see sample of pen wrap here)

i will also make another patchwork bag as a birthday gift to a dear friend. i just have to complete my sewing supplies to finish these projects. still need to find an invisible zipper which is long enough for the circumference of the uke gig bags and also some more fabrics for the patchwork bag, then i'm all set to sew!

will be posting photos of the finished bags soon!!!! help me God!...

Monday, July 6, 2009


contrary to the monday morning blues effect on almost every human being, including me when i was still studying and working, i always look forward to mondays nowadays. especially since i have become a full-time housewife/homemaker, i told my husband, monday is my official "day-off" from household chores and anything that relates to overseeing/managing our household.

during mondays, it's either i go out to town and just do my window shopping and personal stuffs, or i stay at home and just surf the net, or read my favorite book, or watch tv the whole day. however, when i started joining line dancing class every wednesday (sometimes thursdays), my day off has to be moved to either wednesdays or thursdays depending on the line dancing schedule.

what happened then to my monday day-off??? it is now my sewing day! yey!!!!

so yesterday, i gathered some stashed fabric, some newly bought fabric, and my sewing tools and off i went on sewing 2 bags. yes, 1 yoga mat bag, and a sling bag which is reversible too!!!

i got my inspirations from this site, and this site :)

i have quite a few stashed fabric already which
i used for this patchwork/reversible bag
my hubby and i bought this embroidered denim fabric
yesterday :)

till my next sewing project

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Modified Island Flouncer

All the books that I have now, except for one, always advice to use a sewing pattern for ease and convenience. So the past few weeks that I have been studying and trying my hands on sewing, there's always a pattern. Thank God for technology, patterns are easily downloadable now via the internet and can be printed on multiple pages. You just have to patiently piece them altogether by using either a glue or an adhesive tape.

One of the websites that I frequent is the weekend designer website where the owner unselfishly shares the passion for sewing. The last project that I made was a boxer shorts for my husband and I was contemplating on making something for me. I thought of doing pyjama or another boxers for myself. However, when I browsed weekend designer for possible designs and patterns, I saw this Island Flouncer and I just got so excited in trying my hand at it. Since I already quite a stash of fabric, I immediately made the pattern as per instruction that came with the design. My version though is an empire cut one since when I first tried it as it is, the dress was too bulky for me, maybe because of my height. So there...

i started cutting the fabric last june 26 while listening to cnn's whole-day
news on michael jackson's death

the difficult part on this dress is the flouncer, the lower part
since it isn't easy to gather a dress and attach it to another part of the dress

i just finished doing this dress this morning
so when my hubby came from work, i asked him to take photos
with no other model but ME :)
happy :)

Till my next project... Sew help me God :)