Monday, July 6, 2009


contrary to the monday morning blues effect on almost every human being, including me when i was still studying and working, i always look forward to mondays nowadays. especially since i have become a full-time housewife/homemaker, i told my husband, monday is my official "day-off" from household chores and anything that relates to overseeing/managing our household.

during mondays, it's either i go out to town and just do my window shopping and personal stuffs, or i stay at home and just surf the net, or read my favorite book, or watch tv the whole day. however, when i started joining line dancing class every wednesday (sometimes thursdays), my day off has to be moved to either wednesdays or thursdays depending on the line dancing schedule.

what happened then to my monday day-off??? it is now my sewing day! yey!!!!

so yesterday, i gathered some stashed fabric, some newly bought fabric, and my sewing tools and off i went on sewing 2 bags. yes, 1 yoga mat bag, and a sling bag which is reversible too!!!

i got my inspirations from this site, and this site :)

i have quite a few stashed fabric already which
i used for this patchwork/reversible bag
my hubby and i bought this embroidered denim fabric
yesterday :)

till my next sewing project

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