Monday, July 20, 2009

The Accidental Mini Tote Bag

Since I started learning the art of sewing, I promised myself that, at least for now, I have to come up with one project per week. That way, I can continuously discover mistakes and techniques along the way. I plan to have the mastery of this skill all on my own and it's just but right for me to set deadlines for myself, huh?!?

My sewing supplies for the uke gig bag are still yet to be completed. Hubby and I will go out of the island (yes, we are on an island!) this weekend to buy some stuffs and to complete my sewing supplies (hopefully!). What are left with me right now are quite a number of stashed fabrics, a set of fabrics for the uke gig bag, and another set of fabric for a drawstring pants which I haven't started yet.

I was browsing the internet last night for possible project this week and saw this lovely, yet another patchwork fabric bag from this site. And since I am so in love with patchwork, it gave me an idea of making another patchwork bag but this time, it would be something new for me since it's going to have a lining which is far different from the lining of my patchwork reversible bags, something new to learn for me. Aside from that, I thought that it would be such a nice thing to see for my fabrics to have their own place, at least for now.

So there, I again did my sewing ritual just before lunch and started cutting, sewing, pressing, sewing, .... until, oh my, I realized, something was wrong. I followed the instruction by the dot but still, my gut feel tells me something is wrong with the dimensions. Yes, truly, there was. The instruction asked for a "..2" squares from 3 different kinds of fabrics: 8 pieces for each fabric.." But based on the photos, it was quite bigger than 2". Novice as I am, I still followed the instruction and did not use my common sense at all.

When it was time for me to do the lining as per instruction from the site, there it was confirmed: the dimensions of the patchwork were less than the actual size needed. Instead of wallowing in disappointment and wasting an almost finished "mini" tote bag, I just decided to do alterations with the lining and this is what the supposedly fabric bag turned out to be:
this is yet another patchwork "mini" tote bag

at least next time, I would know how
to make a bigger version of this

and take note, it has a batting within
i'm slowly getting used to sewing fabrics with
batting in between

this won't be put to waste though...
our neighbor who's daughter of about 5 years old
will have her birthday in a few months time...

this would make a perfect birthday gift
for a little girl who has a fancy for little tote bags

till my next project... Thank you God, for being Sew good at all times!!!!

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