Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Modified Island Flouncer

All the books that I have now, except for one, always advice to use a sewing pattern for ease and convenience. So the past few weeks that I have been studying and trying my hands on sewing, there's always a pattern. Thank God for technology, patterns are easily downloadable now via the internet and can be printed on multiple pages. You just have to patiently piece them altogether by using either a glue or an adhesive tape.

One of the websites that I frequent is the weekend designer website where the owner unselfishly shares the passion for sewing. The last project that I made was a boxer shorts for my husband and I was contemplating on making something for me. I thought of doing pyjama or another boxers for myself. However, when I browsed weekend designer for possible designs and patterns, I saw this Island Flouncer and I just got so excited in trying my hand at it. Since I already quite a stash of fabric, I immediately made the pattern as per instruction that came with the design. My version though is an empire cut one since when I first tried it as it is, the dress was too bulky for me, maybe because of my height. So there...

i started cutting the fabric last june 26 while listening to cnn's whole-day
news on michael jackson's death

the difficult part on this dress is the flouncer, the lower part
since it isn't easy to gather a dress and attach it to another part of the dress

i just finished doing this dress this morning
so when my hubby came from work, i asked him to take photos
with no other model but ME :)
happy :)

Till my next project... Sew help me God :)

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