Wednesday, July 29, 2009

one down... three more to go...

remember my uke gig bag projects??? it's actually something that makes me feel nervous to start with since i cannot find a pattern that best suits the specifications that my husband wants (demanding!!!), those that i can find in the internet are just but photos and some are much simplified uke gig bags. so practically, this is one project which i have made from scratch. the pattern was drawn by my husband since i am not quite handy in drawing straight lines, muc more, curves of equal proportions (my hubby is good at that)

last monday, i took a break from sewing since we just came from a weekend trip to KK and the ferry trip back here was terrible due to rough seas and the guy who almost killed me (whew!!!). yesterday, i was contemplating on whether to make another pin cushion with a pattern taken from the net or to start with the uke gig bag already. i had to make a decision since it's either i won't start with the uke gig bag or not do it at all for fear that i might make a mess out of it.

i then took the base and front of the uke gig bag with batting and some fabric for the side lining, and bag straps. i also took the invisible zippers which i bought. i then gathered enough courage to start the project.

after 8 hours of cutting, basting, pinnings, a few scratches on my hands from the pins, and a lot of patience....

i made it! still not satisfactory though...
i couldn't find a 2-way zipper so
i just used 2 invisible zippers meeting
halfway at the top of the uke
the top cover and the base of
the bag are both padded :)

the easiest part to do is the strap :D

had i not started it, i would have not known what to do with the next 3 uke gig bags waiting in line ;). sometimes, it really takes courage to make your first step, and by tripping and falling, you will learn how to walk properly and carefully.

i wasn't that satisfied with the results of this uke gig bag since i still have made a few missed stitches and had to re-run them. but by making those little mishaps, i know now what to do with the other gig bags :D

God is sew good!!! All the time!

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