Monday, July 13, 2009

a pen wrap and another patchwork bag

finally, i was able to put together my thoughts and put them into action. i was in a not so good mood yesterday maybe because of my "monthly visitor." i tried sewing the base of the uke gig bag but i made a mess out of it and had to de-thread them. good thing though, i just basted it so it was easy to remove the threads.

last night though, while watching tv, i started cutting the pieces of stashed fabric that i have for the patchwork bag that i am to make for a dear friend's birthday :) and this morning, i was in a good mood, the weather is fine, i started to make the patchwork bag and since i already made one before, it was just a breeze for me doing another one. it turned out to be much much better and both the inner and outer fabrics fits snugly together which makes it more beautiful.

after i finished doing the patchwork bag, i started making the pen wrap which is also for a friend. i actually tried making one last night but it seems like the stars were not so nice to me so i made a mistake but i did not mess up though ;)

finally, another patchwork bag
i love patchwork, i'm still in the process
though of learning how to quilt

just like my other patchwork bag, this one
is also a reversible bag
this is the pen wrap i was talking about
in my previous posts
look how i messed up with the first pen wrap
it wasn't put to waste though
since i get to use it for my batik brushes
see how the pens snugly fit inside the individual
pockets? how nice, eh?

till my next project... sew help me God :)

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