Saturday, July 18, 2009

sewing heals (all wounds????)...

yesterday, i wasn't feeling well. i had stuffy nose, sore throat, watery & itchy eyes, and a tolerable headache (it was tolerable since it wasn't migraine, thank God!)

anyway, after having lunch with hubby who goes home for lunch every friday, i had nothing to do except either to rest since i wasn't feeling well, or to do my sewing. i already started with the uke gig bag for my hubby (my testing piece, actually!), the previous night. i found a way already in sewing the batting within two sheets of fabrics, thanks to my line dancing classmate/tutor in sewing & quilting. since i wasn't really feeling well and might make another mess onto the other piece of the uke bag with the batting, but i still would want to sew, i just took a scrap of fabric and turned it into a pin cushion :)

while doing my sewing stuff, maybe because i was too concentrated over it, my mind was diverted towards it, rather than having that heavy feeling. my nose was still stuffy and my throat was still sore, but, they were set aside, at least all the while that i was finishing the pin cushion. i was even able to get some photos.

my pins... some are sharp, some are dull,
some are shiny, some are rusty,
just like some people... :)
my pin cushion
burst of pins
used to keep all my pins in this box
now, Amaya (my sewing machine's name) has
an accessory to boast of, she now has a pin cushion :)

till my next sewing project... God is Sew Good!!!!

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