Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crayon Caddy

When we first moved here in the island early last year, the first ones who really made us feel so welcome are our two kid neighbors, Adrian and Agnes.

Being friendly is second nature to them. Their nanny need not tell them , they immediately befriended us as soon as we set foot on our house. Such lovely kids.

Being with children isn't new to me anymore. It has been a big part of my career in Manila. And, eversince we moved to Malaysia, I have been missing the company of children. Playing with them, telling them stories, making fun of myself in front of them. The most honest to goodness questions and remarks, I only hear from them.

Next week, Adrian will turn 7. I couldn't forget the time he told me about his birthday last year. He thought, since we are friends with him and his sibling, we are also friends with their parents. The parents are nice and civil, but hubby and I are closer to the kids. Innocent as he is, he invited me and hubby to be at their house on a weekend when he would celebrate his birthday. But of course, we didn't go. Out of respect to the parents, who never really invited us to come, we did not bother to go... :D Anyway, hubby and I just bought him some clay dough and gave it as our present to him last year... I would always remember his happiness over those clay dough and telling me that it was the best gift he got for his birthday (imagine that!) - coming from a kid, I believed him (ha!)

This year, I made something for him. Inspired by the pen wraps I made and seeing from another craft website, I made a crayon caddy for Adrian as a birthday gift.

God is sew good :)

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