Friday, August 7, 2009

I have been quiet for days lately as far as this blog is concerned. It is because...

-- hubby got sick over the weekend. it was an almost flu-like but not H1N1, thank God. I was just way too anxious since hubby isn't the type who gets sick, he rarely does actually. for the past almost 3 years here in Malaysia, it was his first time to get sick. unlike moi, who is the "Star for Almost All Sickness for All Seasons."

-- I am pre-occupied lately of how to come up with an online shop (huh?!?) for the pen wraps that I can confidently make. I thought it was just easy to put up one but it's NOT. Unlike blogging, I just post every project that I get to finish without thinking of costing and every minute details that came with the production of such project. I need not worry if the photo I took was a bit over or under exposed, if the colors in the photo, look almost exactly as the original project.... and so on, and so forth...

-- I bought/hoard fabrics... batik printed, plain, denim. I went to town last Tuesday, paid the bills and went to the textile bazaar to buy several pieces of fabrics. It was fun fun fun and good thing, I am not rich. I would have bought all the fabrics there. Soooo beautiful... so colorful... so alive!!!!!

the batik printed fabrics here are abundantly available

most of them come from Indonesia where
batik supposedly originated

the people here though just find their batik products
ordinary and they don't maximize the usage of it to create
multitudes of batik-inspired item

like these pen wraps :D
(thanks Ate Cindy for the idea!)

these are samples of pen wraps which
i plan to sell online soon (Sew help me God!)

Once I get to finalize everything for my up and coming online shop, I would go back to sewing my pending projects... yoga pants, cargo pants, drawstring pants, fisherman's pants... yes, all pants!!!!!!

God is sew good!!!!

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