Tuesday, August 25, 2009

practice makes...almost there.

here's the second installment of the four uke gig bags. since i did not rush sewing this stuff, i was able to put all the necessary parts. i was way too excited in making the first uke gig bag so i forgot to put pockets and handles...

i made the strap much longer this time

since i basted first all the parts before
making the final stitching, i was able to
run through the curves with easethe outer pocket
i had fun doing this since it was
my first time to make one
same with the first uke gig bag
this one is also padded both on the front
and at the back
i also was able to put bias binding around the
inner folds to make a neater appearance
aside from the back straps
i can carry this uke gig bag by its handles

God is good... all the time!

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