Sunday, September 13, 2009

strap cover

Our camera was away for 2 weeks. we had it checked for an Unidentified Moving Minute Object (UMMO) inside the viewfinder. Lucky for us, Nikon Malaysia made the necessary repairs immediately.

As a welcome treat for the homecoming of our camera (hmmmm, haven't thought of a name yet for the camera ;) ), I sew a while ago a camera strap cover.... I saw the tutorial from this site.

this is yet another patchwork creation :)
no patterns needed... just common sense and patience
another use for ones scraps of fabrics
our yet to be named camera has a strap cover now ;)

God is good. All the Time!
Life is worth living. One stitch at a time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

special hats for special people

in a few weeks time, it's going to be my 35th birthday... if for some people, they dread mentioning their age (ouch!!!), i personally do not feel like hiding my age to anyone. never did it occur to me that i should be ashamed of my age. i don't know... well, different strokes, for different folks... he he he.

anyway, every year though, i always have this birthday syndrome, i think everybody has. two weeks before my birthday, i feel depressed for unknown reasons. sometimes, it coincides with my monthly visitor so i blame it on my hormones(!?!). but most often than not, i just feel so low that it seems like no one could ever pull me up, not even myself... ha ha ha... (engot me!). i simply am not a birthday person, unlike my husband, who is extremely happy and joyful the moment his birthday month arrives.

for this year, i want to preempt my birthday blues, as if i could, but, who knows, maybe this time i would!

i found a website. it's actually a crafter's organization. they sew special hats for special people. i wouldn't elaborate much on the details of this special hats since i also do not want to preempt my special project for special people. hopefully, i get to finish this project before christmas time so as to hit my goal for my 35th birthday... to do something good.

so for my birhtday this year, i'm giving myself the privelege to sew 35 special hats for 35 special people. i have sewn 3 for today... not bad eh???

once i reach my goal and be able to accomplish it with the help of a friend, then i would relay the story here... in full, and hopefully with more photos :) SEW help me GOD :)

a sneak preview....

God is good. All the Time!
Life is worth living. One Stitch at a Time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when scraps aren't scraps at all...

scrap n. A small piece or bit; a fragment. (source)

for a couple of months now since i started learning how to sew and managed to make different sewing projects already, i was able to stash quite a number of pieces of scrap fabric. call me a ratpack, but, i do have this thing for scraps.... :D especially now that i have been sewing, i am so in love with scraps of fabrics. no matter how small they are and irregular the shape is, i still cannot find in my heart to just put them into the trash bin. i would always tell myself that, someday, they will be of use to me, in any way.

a month ago, my line dancing friend showed me her patchwork/baby blanket which she made for a niece. she is actually the one who gives me tips and advice when it comes to sewing. it is also from her which i got the idea of where to make good use of my scrap fabrics.

43" x 27" patchwork blanket

i finished handstitching first the
embroidered patches in blue
this is actually my trial patchwork blanket
since i plan to make a baby blanket as
a gift to a friend who's expecting their first-born

embroidery which i enjoyed handstitching myself

hubby though would want this not as a blanket
but as a tablecloth, why not eh???? :D

God is good. All the time; Life is worth living, one Stitch at a Time!