Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when scraps aren't scraps at all...

scrap n. A small piece or bit; a fragment. (source)

for a couple of months now since i started learning how to sew and managed to make different sewing projects already, i was able to stash quite a number of pieces of scrap fabric. call me a ratpack, but, i do have this thing for scraps.... :D especially now that i have been sewing, i am so in love with scraps of fabrics. no matter how small they are and irregular the shape is, i still cannot find in my heart to just put them into the trash bin. i would always tell myself that, someday, they will be of use to me, in any way.

a month ago, my line dancing friend showed me her patchwork/baby blanket which she made for a niece. she is actually the one who gives me tips and advice when it comes to sewing. it is also from her which i got the idea of where to make good use of my scrap fabrics.

43" x 27" patchwork blanket

i finished handstitching first the
embroidered patches in blue
this is actually my trial patchwork blanket
since i plan to make a baby blanket as
a gift to a friend who's expecting their first-born

embroidery which i enjoyed handstitching myself

hubby though would want this not as a blanket
but as a tablecloth, why not eh???? :D

God is good. All the time; Life is worth living, one Stitch at a Time!

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