Thursday, October 8, 2009


Eversince I can remember, I love hoarding papers, notepads, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, and anything that has something to do with pen and paper :)  Now that I have started sewing, I hoard fabrics, and anything that has something to do with sewing (whew!?!).

When we moved here in Malaysia two years ago, I left most of my stuffs in Manila but brought with me my notebooks which are yet to be filled up with notes :).  Slowly, everytime I get to visit an office supply store in town, I cannot resist buying notebooks and pens.  I always tell myself, I would be able to make use of them one of these days.  True enough, one of my sketchpads is now being put to good use.

As a beginner, it is very important for one to have a sketchpad to at least draw out the design of any sewing project.  It is in the sketchpad that one can play around with ideas, how to lay it out later on the fabric, the actual dimensions and how to cut them later when transferred to the materials. 

when my linedance friend lent me her craft magazine,
i copied one of the sewing projects there and put it into my sketchpad

this is a jewelry pouch which can be folded
and tied up with the attached ribbon

the friend who lent me her magazine is also the one who
gave me her fabric scraps :)

instead of using corsets for the flaps, i made use of
different colored buttons to serve as accent
(i still yet to try my hand in doing corsets)

God is good.All the time. Life is worth living, one stitch at a time ;)

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Blanket said...

Nice and sweet panel...the color combination also looks grand.