Monday, November 30, 2009

Bills Organizer & Applique

I'm back!

I was never really gone but was just busy finishing my birthday project (remember the special hats for special people???) and thank God, I was able to send them off to Manila last week.  As of today, they're ready to be distributed to a number of special people (hope they enjoy wearing those hats).

Anyway, in between making those hats - 35 of them all,  I got busy doing some other things.  I finally got to start teaching English conversation to my two chinese friends.  It's a non-paying job but I am enjoying it a lot and I am also learning something from them.  I get to learn some Mandarin words in return, and a lot of things from these two friends.  Hopefully, our twice a week sessions would lead us somewhere fruitful :)

I also got into reading again.  Two of my linedance friends share their books to me (yey!!!!!!) and so I was and I am engrossed reading books nowadays. 

Finally, after sending off the hats last week.  I checked on my sketchpad, browsed through my fabrics and sew this :)

letters and bills organizer

it's yet another patchwork creation :)


this applique was made about a month ago. i'm still not sure
whether i would make a few more appliques of flowers and
make them into a nice and comfy blanket
or look for a nice frame where i can place it into :)

God is good. All the time!