Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 opening salvo!

this is a quite delayed post for the year 2010 as it has been 2 weeks already since the year started.   i've been pre occupied lately with a yet another transition for me and my hubby (& the doggies).  it's another adventure for all the four of us and both hubby and i am looking forward to this new happening in our lives -  it is yet to come but we are both hoping for the best!

 anyway,  they often say that round objects make for a lucky year ahead of us.  so for my opening salvo this year, i made this:

my linedance friend/book buddy/sewing mentor always brings a round bag
for her food containers everytime we have linedance sessions (with potluck breakfast and lunch)
and i've been wanting to make one too for myself

 luckily, she lent me the other day her pattern for the bag since i can't seem
to figure out myself how to draw the pattern myself when i just do it by memorizing the
actual bag itself ;)

and since the weather this afternoon is windy and very cooperative with my
health condition, i started cutting the fabrics that i have, pinning the outer fabric and its
lining, and sewing everything.

this bag can accommodate 2 stacks of food container with a total height
of about 8 inches

i used a faux leather strap with beads at the end
luckily, i also have a stash of beads :)

the denim fabric perfectly suits the required sturdiness
for the bag ;)

so off to my next linedance session
with my round bag in tow
one less plastic bag for me ;) not bad!

God is good, all the time. Life is worth living, one stitch at a time!

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