Monday, May 24, 2010

after the transition

it's really been such a long time since my last post and it was all because of the transition that we had to go through - all the four of us.  from the island in the eastern peninsular malaysia, hubby's work is transferred to the west peninsular malaysia which meant that all the four of us had to move too and that included all our stuffs.

anyway,  before leaving the island,  my friends there and i came up in doing a patchwork project which we were suppose to do together as one of our bonding activities.  each one of us would make a blanket out of patched fabrics with appliques on top.  the applique would be a flower with a stem and leaves.  it's quite a huge project for me eversince i started learning how to sew and did a few projects on the way.  after we have distributed the fabrics among ourselves and after doing the necessary cuttings,  hubby and i were already cramped up with our transfer so i had to keep all my sewing stuffs in one box including the patchwork project.

after two months intro transition, i finally got to work on my patchwork and here's a sneak preview of what is yet to come soon! sew help me God!

it pays to have an appliance-free living room :D, i get
to lay out all the patchwork nice and easy

i machine stitched the flower appliques for a sturdy
fit on the fabric
i still need to make the stem and leaves
appliques to complete this

there's a lot more to be done and hopefully, before
June comes, i'd be able to complete this project ;)

God is good.