Monday, June 21, 2010

in between

since i haven't completed yet the fabrics needed for my patchwork  blanket project,  i made some bags as in betweeners ;)  i made another round bag and a charlie bag.  i really don't know why the sewing sites call it charlie bag, i've been poring the net for some possible explanations but i always just get what the bag is for. it's meant as a reusable grocery bag.  so for now, i would just rest my case in finding who this charlie is... he he he...

i still have a few batik fabrics stashed and corduroy too
it pays to keep scraps of fabrics ;)

i also have remaining decorative laces that went well with the 
round opening of the bag ;)

i used pelachu (unbleached cotton) as the lining
for the bag ;)

and didn't i say that this bag is quite multi-purpose?
it can be used as a book bag too ;)

i like fat bag straps ;) they don't hurt
well when you're carrying the bag for too long.
the corduroy fabric also have a soft feel in your hands ;)

this is the charlie bag ;)
i got the pattern from this site

it's supposedly a reversible bag but i didn't like the outcome
for the other side of the bag, especially the way i 
connected the straps on top. need to practice more on this thing.

well, this bag won't actually be able to carry
all my groceries but at least if one is to buy
a few stuffs, this will do. one less plastic bag to use.

will have to sew more of these bags as future gifts to my friends here and in manila as well.   if there is any way that i could help save this environment, i might as well do it in the way that it would be both fun and entertaining for me ;)

God is so good. Life is worth living, one stitch at a time ;)