Sunday, July 4, 2010

i just can't get enough

sometime last year, i bought a yard of a novelty fabric online.  i wasn't still that keen at sewing... well, until now, i still am not... i'm always at the stage of getting there... i really haven't been there yet... :D  anyway,  i just kept the fabric until i have forgotten about it.

after moving in this new place and i started to sew again, i saw the fabric again.  still, i haven't had the idea on how to go about with it.  i can't sew a dress yet so definitely it won't be sewn as a dress. besides, the design of the fabric wouldn't fit for a dress so i just kept it again, together with my other hoarded fabrics....

two weeks ago,  i saw this site that shares her tutorials and patterns online for free (yey!!!!).  then i saw one of her creations and said to myself, i think i can do this already with utmost confidence (ha ha ha!!!).  so, i downloaded the pattern for the charlie bag and made a test bag first.  i was so thrilled with my test bag although i wasn't too happy and satisfied about the results.  but,  it gave me enough confidence to make another one but this time, it would be much much bigger and a reversible one already.  i made another pattern out of my store-bought charlie bag (envirosax).  i didn't sew immediately.  i just kept the pattern first and thought of what fabrics should i use this time.  then, it came to me.  i can use the novelty fabric this time matched with my never ending supply of denim fabric which i have at hand.

so today, after lunch, i immediately cut the fabrics and started sewing my bigger and reversible charlie bag :)

this is my test bag sewn two weeks ago :D
so far, it's very comfortable to bring, though it looks small, my,
you can actually put a lot of stuffs inside.

this is my new version of charlie bag
a lot bigger than the first one and reversible too!

depending on my mood, i can always
interchange the bag whenever i want ;)

since i already knew the basics of sewing a charlie bag,
it took me only two hours to finish this one this time.

can't wait to sew more of this soon!

Thank you God.  Life is worth living, one stitch at a time!

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K said...

Amazing la! I still have the Charlie bag you bought me. Its very handy. Love the print of this new bag you made. :)