Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If there's one thing that drives me to do things that I am passionate about,  it's definitely inspiration.    When I am inspired,   my adrenalin level seems to pump up so fast that I have to do a certain thing right away, otherwise, it's going to be gone in a matter of minutes. 

Eversince I started learning how to sew, I always browse the net for inspirations and have really really found such abundance that I realize,  had I followed each of my instinct as per inspiration that I have found online,  I would have already built an empire of sewing projects for the last 14 months.  But,  the lazy, the undisciplined, and the procrastinator in me always tend to get in the way... ha ha ha....

Anyway,  some two weeks ago, a dear friend sent me a link online.  It's about this lady who blogs of her sewing project for 365 days in a row where she will sew/modify a dress for 365 days, for 365 US dollars.  She is definitely an inspiration!  My! There are just people who are so damn good in creativity and they really come up with such an out-of-the-box thinking and make them into a reality and even make it to the worldwide web. HA!  I am just so envious of these people... ha ha ha.....

A week after poring over that blog,  hubby and I went on our usual weekend "jalan jalan" (bahasa melayu for strolling along...) and visited my favorite fabric store.  And since Hari Raya (Aidilfitri) is coming soon, the fabric store is on sale, yey! I went to their scraps corner and looked for some scraps which can still be of use for me.  They normally sell their scraps for RM1 per meter (around PhP13).  Then, I found this scrap fabric which is about half a meter.  It's more like a silk satin fabric with such kaleidoscopic pattern.  Knowing how in love I am with vibrant colors,  even without anything in mind on what to do with it, I bought it along with another 3-meter scrap which I knew would be of good use for my foodie bags.

Just the other day,  after washing and ironing the scraps, I suddenly came up with the thought of "why not sew something for myself out of this half a meter scrap???"  And since the vibrant colors of the fabric well suit a summer holiday,  and given it's limited size,  I just thought of sewing a smocked tube top for myself. 

this is the less than a half meter scrap fabric

which was sewn into this ;) 
a smocked tube top blouse
it's my first time to do smocking
using an elastic thread and after
a few trials and errors,  i had fun doing the smocking
i know, i know,  i can't wear this
around this state where Islam is
seriously practiced by its fanatics.
well,  what is the next state and
the next next state doing, eh????

God is good.  Thank you God.

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