Sunday, September 19, 2010

50 + 50

Hubby and I and our two doggies are in the midst of packing and moving again.  Not in a different state nor country, nor does it have anything to do with my hubby's work demands.  It's a long story which I wouldn't want to recall anymore.  What matters now is that we are hopeful in our new place of abode and may God continue to see us through again, as He always did.

Anyway,  since we shall yet to move again, that also means that my sewing projects are on hold. But not for long.  Since I started my project last year, "Special Hats for Special People",  I promised myself that in any little way I could,  I will try to sew projects for special people.  So for this year, I'll be sewing 50 + 50.  50 what + 50 what??? Once all of those are sewn, I would be posting the photos here.  They will again be distributed to a group of very special people.  My deadline would be by the end of November so I'll be ready to ship them off by first week of December.

Sew help me God. :)

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