Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coz' I'm a Gypsy (are you coming with me?)

If the occurrence of past lives were true,  I guess, one way or another, I might have been a gypsy in one of those lifetimes in my past.

Aside from being drawn to vibrant colors,  I've always been fascinated with unconventional type of fashion.  I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that I grew up with my mom who is not a fashionista herself, but rather quite eccentric in her choices of not only clothing but footwear!  I can vividly remember how I chose my clothes before and even when I was already working.  I don't how to mix and match.  All I knew then, If I were comfortable with the clothing I was wearing, and if it was kinda' odd and uniquely designed or sewn clothing, I would just buy it (when I was working and could afford to buy already) and wear it.  Until my closest friend who also happened to be a co-worker started teaching me how to wear mixed and matched clothes and shoes too! I managed to really learn from her but still, I am drawn to quite weird stuffs.  But, at least now, I can already mix and match eccentric clothing ;) and I guess, it also comes with age that I am already secured of myself that I don't really mind how people would look at my clothes as long as they are comfortable for me, and they do not cause any scandal nor disgrace to society and to my husband.

Anyway,  when I started sewing,  I immediately fell in love with patchwork.  Just the thought that I would be stitching together fabrics of different texture and design and color, it was heaven for me!  I didn't mind patching differently sized and shaped fabrics because I knew, after the long wait, it would come out the way I would have wanted it to be and it will give me utmost satisfaction. 

So right after I made my Patchy Patsie bag,  I gathered all my remaining scrap fabrics and ironed all of them, and started cutting them using, of course, my pair of cutting mat and roller in irregular shapes and sizes.  It took me one whole day to finish all my scrap fabrics and was able to finally discard those which can't be salvaged anymore.  The following day,  I started layouting the scraps into my new bag pattern from another sewing website, a HOBO bag.  It took me half day to patch together those scraps to match the pattern.  And, finally, on the third day,  the assembly, which was the easiest only took me three hours to finish everything.  Thank God for scraps ;)

the photo above shows how
gypsies look like

this hobo bag measures 18 inches by 28 inches from the tip
of the handle down to its base

i also made quilting stitches not only to create a 
decorative paisley effect on the patchwork but to 
actually secure them better

oh, and yes, it's yet again REVERSIBLE! 
depending on my mood ;)

Thank you God. Scraps are worth stitching, one day at a time ;)

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