Sunday, September 5, 2010

Patchy Patsie

I was browsing the net last night for possible ideas on how to do with my scrap fabrics -  yes,  i never and i guess will never ran out of scrap fabrics for as long as i am sewing;  then, i came across this website who has a tutorial on quilted patchwork bag.  Since it was way past midnight already,  I decided to continue reading the tutorial in the morning.

So this morning, right after doing my routine household chores,  I continued with the tutorial.  I found it easy to do compared to the other quilted patchwork bags tutorials from other websites, hence, I started jotting down the notes and did some sketching on my sketchpad.  Then off I went to sort my stashed scraps, ironed each one of them, did some cutting on my cutting mat using my roller cutter (yey!),  and followed the tutorial.

 quilted patchwork
eversince my cutting mat and roller cutter arrived,  
cutting my fabrics has never been that easy ;)

i made use of my stashed buttons as accent to the corduroy top band

this will be given as a send off gift to a friend ;)
i will definitely sew more of this :D

God is good.  Life is worth living, one stitch at a time!

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