Saturday, October 16, 2010

in between those 50+50

it's been almost 4 weeks now since we moved in to our new home.  and a lot of things happened in between. but, thank God, they were all pleasant events - no policemen, no fanatic of a neighbor, no tensions.  i also started doing our 50+50 project for this year;  thus, i have been quiet for quite some time now. and by quiet i meant, comfortably, conveniently, and peacefully doing my sewing projects till i finish them on the deadline which i set for myself.

last week,  a fellow church goer requested for me to make her a baby bag.  i've been doing a couple of bags already but none of them fits a baby bag. so i scoured the net for possible patterns for baby bags and what i got was a handful of info on how to make a diaper bag. so i said to myself, might as well do one for her since she's also on the family way.  it will also serve as my send-off gift to her as their family is set to move to another state by the end of the month.

in between finishing our 50+50 project,  i got to sew the bag the other day and finish everything this morning.  i didn't know it wouldn't be that hard to make a diaper bag with compartments inside, and, to top it all,  i now make use of magnetic snaps to secure the closure of the bag (sosyal!). i had to order magnetic snaps from ebay since i can't find them in local shops.  and since i have quite a few girl friends who are expecting their babies sometime this year and next year,  i wouldn't have problems anymore thinking of what to give to them :)

sewing pattern/tutorial from this site ;)

 this diaper bag has compartments inside for a more organized 
baby stuffs inside ;)

God is good. Life is worth stitching, one day at a time ;)

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