Sunday, November 14, 2010

hubby's trying hard monk bag and the unfinished purse

last weekend was hubby's company family day held at Genting Highlands.  a week before the said occasion,  hubby asked me to make for him  a monk bag.  eversince, he has had this affinity to monks, i did not bother to ask why nor to even research the source of such affinity.  anyway,  since i was done sewing the first half of my 50+50 project,  i managed to squeeze in the sewing of the monk bag.

two days before the occasion, the monk bag was done, hubby asked me to sew a patch at the front side of the bag, i did.  then he told me that there will be a formal dinner at the hotel where we will be booked for the said occasion.  had it been in manila, when i was still working and had all my accessories complete and at hand,  it won't be too much of a worry for me.  but here!!!! when for the past three years, i have been a domesticated homemaker sans all those accessories, shoes, and clothes! i've given them all away even before moving to Malaysia. ha!  so i scoured my closet, good thing, from time to time, i get to buy dresses online just for rare special occasions.  luckily i found one with flowers and with sleeves although not long, just to pay respect for the majority of my hubby's co-workers (95% Muslims).  

then,  i realized, i don't have a purse that will go with my dress where i can put my asthma inhaler and some facial tissue.  so i immediately check on my hoarded fabrics and voila! i found this one year old chinese inspired brocade fabric,  i then sew a purse from the fabric the night before the said family day.  i was already on the finishing top stitch around the purse when my hubby asked me for help on something.  then i totally have forgotten about it.  i even cleaned my sewing space without realizing that i haven't finished top stitching the purse.  nevertheless,  we still headed on to the family day, joined in their "amazing race" type of game, the sports activities, and finally, the dinner.  we didn't win the best dressed couple award, but it was ok. i would have preferred it that way, and definitely, for obvious reasons ( i wasn't wearing any sacred garb that night ).

 that's the unfinished purse clutched in my hands
 if you look closely near the right bottom corner side, you'll notice why this purse is unfinished ;)
 i shall be sewing more of this, but i'll make sure that they will be finished purses by then ;)
 hubby was way too happy with his trying hard monk bag. 
i really wasn't satisfied calling it monk bag since i wasn't able 
to find a real sewing pattern for a monk bag. 
but since hubby is happy, that was enough :)
 i just used a plain cotton fabric lined with fleece batting inside to make it soft and sturdy at the same time.

God is good.  Life is worth stitching, one day at a time :)