Tuesday, December 7, 2010


eversince hubby and i moved to Malaysia, i've been a fan of online buying - from amazon, to ebay, and to some local online shops around.  especially now that i'm into sewing and hardly can i find special types of fabrics and sewing notions locally, i do resort to online buying.  thank God,  none of those which i bought online got lost nor were damaged.

one of the online shops that really fancies me, although i hardly buy from that site (expensive!!!!), is Etsy.com.  it has a wide range of mostly handmade items and unique ones at that.  oh yes, there's this one time that i bought something from etsy, it was on sale so i was able to buy it. my new pair of eyeglasses ;)

anyway,  i think it was a few months back, i saw this throwpillow from etsy with a doggie applique design.  since i've been looking for a nice template of a dog for my future applique projects, and haven't seen one that suits my taste,  i immediately saved the image, and just kept it on my hard drive.

this is the sewn doggie applique
throwpillow from Etsy.com

since i have been sewing projects free the past few days right after hubby and i shipped our special project for the year,  i tried fixing my newly bought, hoarded, and scrap fabrics.  then i saw this scrap corduroy fabric which apparently i still have,  it reminded me of the doggie applique.  so i opened my graphics software and tried to re-create the image to have it printed by hubby.  hubby went home with the printout, i made the necessary cutting and pasting on a hard cardboard, and traced some of my scrap fabrics on it.

 i tried re-creating the image using a graphics software available on my PC (adobe Illustrator)
then asked hubby to print them for me ;)

 using a thick fusible interfacing, i traced the image, part by part, cut the interfacing, then ironed
 it on the fabrics

 making sure that i re-created the image properly before finally
handstitching them on the fabric which i have sewn later as a throwpillow case

 so here it is, my doggie appliqued throwpillow case
yeah, i know, it's nowhere near the original image from Etsy.com but it's alright for me
at the moment. practice makes perfect :)

 i will make another larger version of this doggie applique
and hopefully be able to master the art of handsewn appliques :)

 this can be a good gift/pasalubong when i get home to Manila early next year (yey!)
so i'm sewing more of this doggie applique during this christmas season :) 
after hubby and i tread the paths in Singapore :)

God is good. Life is worth stitching, one day at a time :)