Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1st Quarter of 2011

They always say that when you're having fun, you hardly take notice of the time.  I guess it also goes with when your under too much stress, you also hardly take notice of the time... no, I wasn't that too stressed, just a bit, I suppose.

Anyway,  2011 came in such a hurry that I didn't know the first quarter is almost at its end.  Hubby and I got too busy on the first month having our visitors at home, on the second month we both flew to Manila on separate flights and dates so we pretty much consumed the love month away from each other.  March came in very smoothly, at least for the two of us,  it wasn't much too well for the rest of the world :(

I've sewn pretty much a bunch of bags, kiddie crayon caddies the last three months but I intentionally didn't take photos of the few pieces that I made since they were supposedly meant to be given as pasalubongs to friends and to my nieces and nephews.  There are a few which I have sewn the last two weeks which deserve a place in this blog ;)  One is a patchwork messenger hobo bag which my landlady requested for me to sew for her.  She gave me tons of her scrap fabrics.  Without realizing that her scrap fabrics were quite old and dusty and rustic,  yes,  I got loads of allergies too!  Then my bookbuddy in the area loved the baby bag which I've sewn for a dear friend and asked me to sew for her daughter not one but two! baby bags.  She provided me with her stashed batik fabrics and sewing threads too! Up until now, I still don't know how to charge for my services.  Well, they're good friends so, it didn't matter.

this is Aunty Li-Am, my chinese
landlady who lives just across our house :)
she loves sewing and all our quilted blankets in the house were sewn by her :)
one of the baby bags i've sewn
for my bookbuddy :)

There.  For now,  I need to finish the patchwork blanket which I started last year.  It's long overdue and I wouldn't want to end 2011 with an unfinished blanket!  Will post photos of that epic blanket soon!

God is good. All the time.
Life is worth stitching.  One thread at a time.

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