Tuesday, March 29, 2011

how the table runner came to be

This is more of a photo story so please bear with the abundance of photographs.

i have a bunch of scrap fabrics courtesy of our landlady, Aunty Li-Am,
the weather is so cool,
because of the continuous heavy downpour since the previous night ...
 ... and since hubby was at work and there's no one to cuddle with in bed,
i just decided to select a few pieces of fabric and ironed each one of them...

in no time, every piece of fabric i needed for my project were all set 
and ready to be cut and patched and sewn ;)

when doing patchwork,  i rely on my cutting mat and roller cutter a lot!
save me from making irregularly cut fabrics. i'm now a huge fan of sharp edgy blades!
well, just what my most recently read book says,
"the sharper your knife blade, the less you cry."

with all my patches done, i'm now ready to layout everything 
for my table runner project...

every piece of the table runner project is now laid out on the table
back fabric,  batting (i used fleece),  then laid the patches one at a time
starting at the center of the layout. 
each piece of these patches were sewn individually

after sewing the first patch, i then followed it with the next patch
right sides together and sew both on one side
each addition of patches was ironed to avoid creases and unwanted protrusion

after sewing all the patches together, 
i am now ready for the bias or binding for the sides
supposedly, i should have handsewn the bias but since machine stitching
is also allowed in doing so,  i didn't bother to handsew the entire bias binding

i made use of a plain printed fabric as a back fabric so
this table runner also is a reversible one, depending on my mood for the day

the finished product laid at our dining table
hmmm, not bad eh???
i transferred the table runner on our center table at the receiving area,
still, not bad eh???

using the other side of the table runner, it suits well with
the tranquility of the teapot set :)

the bias binding 

will do more of these table runners soon.  for now, i really need to finish the patchwork blanket, by hook or by crook!!!!

God is good. All the time.  Life is worth living, one stitch at a time :D

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