Monday, July 18, 2011

back from slumber...

i have been quiet for quite sometime and i miss doing this. blogging about my sewing projects.  i did have a couple of sewn projects which i was too lazy to post.  i think some kind of a lazy bug bit me and actually stung me, huh?!?

anyway,  the last few days, i've been browsing the net for new sewing inspirations.  i wanted to take my sewing adventure to another notch higher than what i have been doing in the past.  i wanted to challenge myself anew. it only means that i am starting to get bored with what i have been sewing so i have to get going lest i'll stop sewing again and there goes my "ningas kugon" syndrome again.

then...  i tumbled on this site and saw this there:

it's a spring ruffle top created by made by rae

i contemplated at first, thinking that i might not be able to make it and just make a mess out of my fabrics.  but, i wouldn't know unless i'll try. besides, i have to fight off this syndrome that is fast attacking me ;)

so here's my take on the spring ruffled top :)

i used a dyed cotton fabric for the chest band and the straps;
and a floral printed japanese cotton for the bodice
it has pleats both at the front and back 
to add ease and style ;)
the tutorial was very accurate in detailing the measurements
and the finished product simply fit me to a tee! yey!
so to celebrate my new sewing inspiration,
hubby and i went to see harry, hermione, and ron 
for the last time :)

more of these kinds of sewing inspirations to come :)
thank you God for the gift that you gave me.
thank you God for always picking me up when i tend to fall.
thank you God for making me realize how life is worth living, one stitch at a time!

love love love!!!




Hey Lala, can I have one for my wife--apple green is her fave color heheheh...

Keep sewing, keep blogging. God bless.

Lala a.k.a. Maria said...

thanks orly :) ask your wife for her measurements - chest (the area just below the armpit and above the bustline) and hips only :)


sure...thnx in advance hehehe.

Perge's Galavantings said...

I love your work Ms. Lala. If only I know how to sew, I would love to try it too.