Wednesday, July 27, 2011

where have all the ruffles gone?

since i am newbie in making tops, i want to make sure that i get used to it and finally get the hang of it before moving on to another clothing sewing project.

a couple of years back,  when sewing was the farthest thing in my homemaker's mind,  i was hooked into anything batik (well, up until now, i still am).  i immersed myself into batik art. unfortunately, the process of making batik artworks didn't go well with my health condition so i just fancied myself by buying batik fabrics and hoarding them.  i even bought two batik dresses which i never really got to wear.  mainly, because,  i bought them online so there was no way i could have at least tried them on.  i just relied on my eyes feasting on the colors of the fabric.  when it was delivered to me, much to my dismay and disappointment,  it was meant for ladies much taller than i am.  needless to say,  i also can't give them away.  i was way too in love with the fabric itself and the batik on it. i just kept it thinking that once i go back to the Philippines, I will have someone alter it for me.  little did i know that in a few  years time,  i would be the one who'll do the alteration myself.

the other day, while looking for stashed fabrics to sew another set of this ruffled spring top,  i accidentally dug into these batik dresses. and voila! something popped into my mind so i went to get my ever dependable ripper (oh how i love to rip!!!!) and ripped the entire dress.

after ripping it off,  i washed it again, dried it under the sun, and ironed everything.  once everything was ready,  i started cutting, assembling, and finally sewing them altogether but in a much different style.

so here's my version 2 of the spring ruffled top sans the ruffles :)

it didn't take me too long to sew this one since i omitted the ruffles ;)

not bad eh? 

God is good. Life is worth stitching, one thread at a time ;)

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