Wednesday, September 7, 2011

shoulder bag

Ramadan just recently concluded.
Hari Raya (day of celebration) has started last week and will go on for a month.
Then I realized,  I haven't done any sewing projects for quite some time now.  Not that I joined the Moslems with their fasting but simply put,  I was running out of inspirations,  I don't want to cut my hoarded fabrics,   I was lazy.

Maybe because,  since I started trying my hand doing the blocked pattern blouses,  I can't quite wait to sew another dress or a blouse.  But,  I still am a newbie when it comes to sewing clothes.  I'm actually still scared of the thought of sewing clothes. So there.

I actually bought another two sewing books with supposedly step-by-step photographed instructions for beginners who would want to sew basic clothing styles.  And since it will take a while before those reach my mailbox,  I just felt like I had nothing in mind to sew.  I've got tons of sewing projects in my hard drive but I can't seem to have the drive. Oh, crap! I don't want to be idle, for sewing's sake!!!!

Yesterday,  I dug into my stashed fabrics,  cut them out of a sewing pattern for a shoulder bag - this time, it's a new style of shoulder bag.  Since I'm taking my time lately doing things in a slow manner (there's no need to rush anyway).  I just kept all the cut fabrics and decided to have them sewn today. And so did I.

So, without further ado, here's another sewing project of mine.

i made use of batik printed polycotton fabric for the exterior
and a combed corduroy fabric for the lining
pattern downloaded from 

there's a magnetic snap on attached and an inner pocket too

God is good. Life is still worth living one stitch at a time ;)

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