Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Love You Seam Ripper

After finishing one of the christmas ornaments sewing project that I am so into lately,  I decided to finally make a sewing machine cover.  After more than two years!  It could have been one of my first few projects but I kept on stalling the idea until one of the patterns from the sewing magazine that has recently arrived caught my attention.  It makes use of Felt and Fleece!!! Which I am so into lately, huh?!?

Without even measuring my own sewing machine thinking that most portable sewing machine almost measures the same,  I just prepared all the necessary fabrics and felt appliques. I wasn't in a hurry but was taking my sweetest time in finishing all the appliques and bias cut bindings and finally to finish the cover.  Much to my dismay, it was way too oversize for my machine and it tends to slouch rather than to stand upright.  I didn't make use of any fabric stabilizers like fusible interfacings since the ones that I have aren't of good quality that they will just fray later on.

you will notice the top tends to bend towards the rear side and the width of the
sewing machine cover is way too big by around 2 inches on each side that's like 4 extra
inches for the width!!!!

I felt so bad that just when I took my time, never hurried, quite have gotten used to changing and adjusting the thread and bobbin tensions to suit the fabric that I was using, used the correct needle size, there I go again.  It was so stupid of me not to even realize that sewing machines do vary in sizes, ha ha ha!

Anyway,  since I couldn't just let it go and tell myself that, "hey, it's for your sewing machine perla so why bother to make it almost perfect?" I slept my disappointment away and promised myself to make the necessary adjustments the next day.

So yesterday,  armed with my BSMAE (Best Sewing Machine Accessory Ever),  the tough and mighty and fearless Seam Ripper,  I ripped off the bottom binding, the top binding, all the sides, and re-sew everything again.  I wish we humans would also have like a seam ripper at hand for our follies and mistakes in life, duh?

So now, I'm happy to present once more my newly re-sewn sewing cover.

I want to thank my dependable BSMAE
I will be indebted to you for the rest of my sewing life

now i'm happy :)

Now I can continue with my christmas ornaments project.  I just hope that I get to finish them before christmas comes;)

God is good. All the time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Just when I thought I could already manage to slowly grapple my sewing-a-basic-dress dilemma,  I failed again miserably :( I don't want to think that I'm so limited to sewing bags, home crafts, and basic blocked pattern blouses.  I know I can do more only if I would push myself more. 

After the vacation, the birthday, and the post-vacation-post-birthday days,  I thought I was all set and fully recharged to conquer my greatest frustration in my sewing experience - as if I've been sewing for a century already, huh?!?   Now, I feel as if I'm back to zero :(

Then the mailman arrived and much to my surprise,  a sewing magazine in our mailbox!!!  I entirely forgot about signing up to a promo online that entitles me to around 4 magazine subscription and I only paid for its shipping fees for like 5 USD.   I was way too happy to scan the pages of the magazine that I entirely forgot about my forthcoming "sewing depression."  In short,  I  bounced back!!!!

Since christmas is almost here,  and the magazine is a winter issue,  there are a couple of christmas-inspired sewing projects there.  So instead of sulking and making myself miserable which is not so worth it at all,  I scoured my stashed fabrics,  my collection of felt, traced the patterns,  cut, and started sewing each of the felt applique.  Now, I'm excited again to finish this project soon and complete our handsewn christmas ornaments.  It's going to be a first in this household.

Here's a preview of what is keeping me sane and busy and diverted :)  Thank you God.

these are 30 pieces of felt appliqued denim/canvas fabric
ready to be pieced together soon :)

once I finish this off, then I'll be able to name this one :)

Would you like to guess what this one is?  Since October is my birthday month, then maybe there's nothing wrong if I have my first giveaway to the very few readers that I have, most of whom are real close friends of mine, ha ha ha!!!!!

You may either leave a message or comment regarding your wild guess.  The first one to give me the correct answer will get a handsewn gift from moi.  

God is good. :) Thank you God.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stepping Up

Months before hubby and I left for our annual bonding adventure,  I bought two sewing books online.  Both books focus on how to sew dresses using just the basic patterns. In short, they're meant for dying-to-sew-a-dress-but-too-scared-to-try people like me.

I know I have already started creating blocked pattern blouses and a dress at one point, but up until now, I haven't still had that confidence to sew one without consuming much of my time thinking whether to push through or not.  Sad :(

Anyway, a few days before we left,  one book came into our mailbox and boy I was glad to have received it way before our adventure began, lest, it might have been lost should it had arrived while we're away.  I just scan through the pages and kept it with my other sewing books.

We already came back and in between cleaning the house and washing all the piled up laundry during our trip,  I happen to have watched the movie Julie & Julia.  It was a movie about how one person could change another's fate simply by inspiration.  It was a good movie. Straightforward and with Meryl Streep on the helm of it, it was undoubtedly a hit (at least for me, a Meryl Streep fan).  Then I remembered my new sewing book.  I told myself, why wouldn't I try doing what Julie from the movie did.  She recreated all the recipes from Julia's recipe book and managed to complete it and had the fulfilment she had been wanting to all her life.  Why not, eh?

My sewing book is simply about 25 very basic and simple dresses created by a Japanese lady who sews and writes too.

So for the next few days, weeks, months, and hopefully before I turned 38, I would have completed the book by sewing each and every featured creation there ;)  (sew help me God).  I'm doing this as my 37th birthday gift for myself.   For once, I need to step up my craft and hopefully make something good out of this.

God is good, all the time!