Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Love You Seam Ripper

After finishing one of the christmas ornaments sewing project that I am so into lately,  I decided to finally make a sewing machine cover.  After more than two years!  It could have been one of my first few projects but I kept on stalling the idea until one of the patterns from the sewing magazine that has recently arrived caught my attention.  It makes use of Felt and Fleece!!! Which I am so into lately, huh?!?

Without even measuring my own sewing machine thinking that most portable sewing machine almost measures the same,  I just prepared all the necessary fabrics and felt appliques. I wasn't in a hurry but was taking my sweetest time in finishing all the appliques and bias cut bindings and finally to finish the cover.  Much to my dismay, it was way too oversize for my machine and it tends to slouch rather than to stand upright.  I didn't make use of any fabric stabilizers like fusible interfacings since the ones that I have aren't of good quality that they will just fray later on.

you will notice the top tends to bend towards the rear side and the width of the
sewing machine cover is way too big by around 2 inches on each side that's like 4 extra
inches for the width!!!!

I felt so bad that just when I took my time, never hurried, quite have gotten used to changing and adjusting the thread and bobbin tensions to suit the fabric that I was using, used the correct needle size, there I go again.  It was so stupid of me not to even realize that sewing machines do vary in sizes, ha ha ha!

Anyway,  since I couldn't just let it go and tell myself that, "hey, it's for your sewing machine perla so why bother to make it almost perfect?" I slept my disappointment away and promised myself to make the necessary adjustments the next day.

So yesterday,  armed with my BSMAE (Best Sewing Machine Accessory Ever),  the tough and mighty and fearless Seam Ripper,  I ripped off the bottom binding, the top binding, all the sides, and re-sew everything again.  I wish we humans would also have like a seam ripper at hand for our follies and mistakes in life, duh?

So now, I'm happy to present once more my newly re-sewn sewing cover.

I want to thank my dependable BSMAE
I will be indebted to you for the rest of my sewing life

now i'm happy :)

Now I can continue with my christmas ornaments project.  I just hope that I get to finish them before christmas comes;)

God is good. All the time.

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