Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hanging Christmas Tree - A Walkthrough

Finally, after 891 days since I started my sewing (mis) adventures,  I have made my first ever tutorial.

I have actually sewn quite a few projects which are original ideas of either mine or hubby's,  but I haven't had any chance to make tutorials for them.  Yes,  my husband do contribute a lot when it comes to ideas on my sewing projects.  He does sketch better than I do. No, beyond better than I do.  He also serves as my quality control manager, and my adviser when it comes to fabric color coordination.  He is  a lot more coordinated with colors than I do.  (Thank you God for my husband!)

Anyway,  last November,  both husband and I decided to make a D-I-O (Do It Ourselves) hanging christmas tree (click here).  Then I posted photos both here and in my facebook account.  Little did we know that  a lot of our friends and strangers alike would really show appreciation and admiration for such an impulsive project that hubby and i made.   Hubby and I am really thankful for those who have enjoyed our christmas tree.  Never did it occur to us that indeed, it was such a good project, maybe one of the best projects I have ever made.  And it's HUGE!  I haven't done anything as HUGE as this christmas tree.  I have always limited myself to small projects.

And since it is the christmas season, and as our way of giving back the glory to God for the inspiration and guidance, I am sharing a tutorial for that "epic" hanging christmas tree.

Since this is also my first time to make a tutorial which is sewing related (didn't know it would be that difficult, huh?!?),  I hope that you would all bear with me if there are things which I might have  un-intentionally missed out along the way.

Here's the link to the tutorial.  Enjoy and have a blessed Christmas!

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the occasional pat said...

Fabulous tutorial. Lovely tree.