Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! Much Pleasure Thou Can'st Give Me!

This year will be our 4th Christmas away from home.  Malaysians don't celebrate christmas the way the Filipinos do.  Since they are quite diversed in their culture, and the majority here are Moslems,  they really don't make such a big deal of the christmas festive season.  Although December 25 is considered a non-working public holiday, still,  you wouldn't feel it at all unless you go to the big cities like Kuala Lumpur and go to their shopping complexes, then, you would have at least just a hint of the christmas feeling.

When we were still in Labuan,  hubby and I would put on some christmas lights by our windows and that was just it.  Our malay (moslem) neighbor's daughter even asked her mom why we celebrate Hari Raya/Eid in December (their annual ramadan festivities).

Anyway, this year,  after getting the winter issue of the sewing magazine I have subscribed to,  I just felt so excited about christmas again.  I started doing some of the christmas ornaments detailed there which I haven't been able to finish yet since I ran out of felt.  Then it hit me,  we should have a christmas tree!  I scoured the net for some christmas tree inspirations which wouldn't entail us to buy the whole christmas tree but anything that would resemble a christmas tree, for christmas' sake!

Here are some of the christmas tree inspirations I saw from this website, Apartment Therapy
There  were so many of them that I got overwhelmed which one to follow :)  Never did it occur to me that I have a handyman husband in the house.  So I went up to hubby and asked him for ideas for a Christmas Tree where I can use my fabrics.  Sometimes, we really need not look further because the answer is right smack in front of us! The moment hubby opened his mouth for ideas, it was non-stop and we both got so excited, he drew everything on my sketchpad, made all the measurements, and my goodness,  I didn't know that for such a simple thought of making our own Christmas tree, I would have to go back to my trigonometric formulas of the phytagorean theorem and the pi, whew!?!

So after careful thought, planning, solving formulas, buying the very cheap materials, cutting them, forming the skeleton, sewing the ruffled  covering, I would like and I am very proud to present my husband's Hanging Christmas Tree :)  It's not really complete yet since all the christmas trimmings and embellishments are still yet to arrive, but I'm just way too excited and really proud of my husband's work of art.

the bare hanging christmas tree with just the fabric covering

hubby made the lighting fixtures inside

and of course,  a christmas tree wouldn't be complete without this scalloped mat beneath it
I can't wait for the next batch of felt to arrive so I can make the rest of the embellishments and trimmings :)

Some of the embellishments have arrived yesterday, so now, I am updating the photos :)

Thank you God for Christmas!

life is worth stitching. one christmas at a time :)

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