Thursday, December 15, 2011

vanity pouch

yes, i admit. i am vain. but not a vain to a fault. i know when i should be and when to stop.  when i was still working in Manila,  i would always experiment with make-up, there was even a time that i got hooked with the bloody red lipstick.  i would wear just the lipstick and nothing else.  without even realizing that i didn't even have my own car and i just rely on taking the public transport.  you should have seen how people would react seeing my bloody red lips.  i had so much fun then. yeah, that was then, when i had the luxury to be vain.

where i am right now and how i am right now,  i don't seem to be very excited anymore being vain.  although i still take good care of myself.  i would still experiment on different products, but not with make up anymore. i do still keep a few make up pieces but i hardly ever use them, unless there's a very important occasion where i need to make myself presentable and not embarrass my husband.  but no more red lipstick this time.

anyway,  after being so high with our "epic christmas tree" episode,  i  got busy doing some baking projects for the coming holidays so the pending sewing projects had to take a back seat.  then i realize,  next week will be christmas day already and i haven't had the time to buy any christmas wrappings for a few gifts to be given to our very few friends here, huh?!? as if this moslem dominated country would be bountiful with christmas inspired gift wrappers, duh?!?  then it popped into my mind, what could be a better gift than something handmade and the materials can be found right in front of me -  my stash of scrap fabrics!!!!

so here's my take on a vanity/cosmetic/medicine/what-not pouch.  boy, i'm so glad to have finally made something with a zipper and didn't have to do it a gazillion times :) thank you God!  i got the tutorial here

more of these to come :) 
thank you God. :)

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