Monday, December 3, 2012

The Return of the Comeback

The last time I checked,  I was mighty proud of my formal sewing class.  Well, I still do, but, not as mighty high and proud as I was a few months back :(

One,  I realized, sewing clothes isn't my forte :(  I know I delivered well in school.  The projects that I did all passed the scrutiny and standards of my teachers. BUT,  it isn't really just for me.  I know it's way too early to tell.  Still, at this moment,  I can't say that I am able to sew a clothing project (sob, sob, sob....)

A lot of things had happened this past few months and before I knew it, the year is about to end again.  This is the only year that I can truly say, "time do fly fast."

Anyway, I went back to sewing after a few months of taking a break - when I said break, it meant that hubby and I had gone through another transition again - yes, you read it right... we basically had two transitions this year, huh?!?

Going back to my sewing.  I sew a few pieces of doggy beds for a dear friend/first customer/business coach/everything else :D

I also did a few of my past sewing projects.  I'm amazed how much I have improved in executing my sewing techniques now.  Thanks to my formal sewing classes,  although I didn't really achieve the purpose of attending those sewing classes,  it still gave me a lot of know how in doing my sewing projects now.  I am thankful that somehow, I have managed to incorporate all the lessons and my years of experience in doing sewing projects on a better note.  If only I can do the same with  clothes :(

So, here's a rundown of all the sewing projects I did the last few months :)

 doggy beds with my friend's own doggy/my endorser, Tequilla

 potluck take-along tote

the vanity pouches

 Crayon Rolls

Pen Rolls

God is good. One stitch at a time. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

not another sewing project post :)

i am on sewing hiatus - not on purpose though but by circumstance, huh?!? but i miss my sewing blog.  but i don't have any sewing project to post. so? i'll just post a sewing-related thing ;)

i think i haven't really told you yet that i am so drawn to old things, or in other words, anything way past the age of my late grandmother and the likes ;)

when our malaysian adventure finally concluded, and while we are starting a new adventure back here in Manila,  i have been scouring the net for some household items which will suit my taste and my budget.  as for the taste,  it only meant, anything old.

two weeks ago, hubby and i went to Tiendesitas in Ortigas and lo and behold,  amongst the collection of antiques there,  only one really stood out and caught my interest.  a refurbished old sewing machine converted into a sewing table sans the sewing mechanisms of course.  i asked for its price but it was beyond my budget. inasmuch as i really would have wanted to have it,  i just can't.  we were able to buy another old piece of furniture instead. and the memory of that old refurbished sewing machine have slowly drifted away.

last week,  i decided to check ebay philippines and one of the categories there says, antique... hmmmmm.... sounds interesting! (at least to me).  i immediately went to see what's inside that antique category. OMG!!! the first thing that popped out - the same refurbished old sewing machine with an old hardwood attached on top and the feet and pedal are all webbed iron.  must be fate! and it was being sold for half the price as the one in Tiendesitas!  and it wasn't the same seller too. it was out for bidding, so without even thinking, i bid. a day after,  i got a message from the seller and everything happened too fast that before i knew it,  that sewing machine turned sewing table is now neatly placed in one corner of our living room area - i knew it! it found its way to find me :) destiny???

so, for the benefit of you, who have been patiently reading my sewing mis adventures, here's my sewing table which actually isn't going to be a sewing table really :)  i'm thinking of other ways to put it into much good use... i would be needing a huge sewing table for my sewing machine when it arrives soon.

husband temporarily found an alternative use for it ;)

God is good, all the Time.

P.S.  I have a new blog which will chronicle my formal sewing lessons soon!!!!