Monday, December 3, 2012

The Return of the Comeback

The last time I checked,  I was mighty proud of my formal sewing class.  Well, I still do, but, not as mighty high and proud as I was a few months back :(

One,  I realized, sewing clothes isn't my forte :(  I know I delivered well in school.  The projects that I did all passed the scrutiny and standards of my teachers. BUT,  it isn't really just for me.  I know it's way too early to tell.  Still, at this moment,  I can't say that I am able to sew a clothing project (sob, sob, sob....)

A lot of things had happened this past few months and before I knew it, the year is about to end again.  This is the only year that I can truly say, "time do fly fast."

Anyway, I went back to sewing after a few months of taking a break - when I said break, it meant that hubby and I had gone through another transition again - yes, you read it right... we basically had two transitions this year, huh?!?

Going back to my sewing.  I sew a few pieces of doggy beds for a dear friend/first customer/business coach/everything else :D

I also did a few of my past sewing projects.  I'm amazed how much I have improved in executing my sewing techniques now.  Thanks to my formal sewing classes,  although I didn't really achieve the purpose of attending those sewing classes,  it still gave me a lot of know how in doing my sewing projects now.  I am thankful that somehow, I have managed to incorporate all the lessons and my years of experience in doing sewing projects on a better note.  If only I can do the same with  clothes :(

So, here's a rundown of all the sewing projects I did the last few months :)

 doggy beds with my friend's own doggy/my endorser, Tequilla

 potluck take-along tote

the vanity pouches

 Crayon Rolls

Pen Rolls

God is good. One stitch at a time. :)

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